Great Ways To Enhance Your Backyard

With so much emphasis on being at home, it’s no surprise that backyards are receiving more attention as an escape route and source of relaxation.

And even though there’s light at the end of the tunnel at last, an investment in your backyard will reward you long after the current situation thankfully becomes a thing of the past.

Here are some great enhancements for your consideration:

Lights – There are so many great outdoor lighting options these days, facilitating great design choices and extending the use of your backyard. And don’t forget the additional safety and security advantages.

Firepits – We are fortunate to live in an area where having a firepit provides all year round possibilities and a wonderful focal point.

Decks – A deck can extend your living space at the same time as providing fresh air. It can also potentially add value to your home at sale time and at the very least creates another compelling reason for a buyer choosing your home over other similar properties. And, when we are once again able to entertain, it’s a great platform for parties and get togethers.

Furniture – Quality backyard furniture that’s stylish, well designed and durable elevates the appearance of your backyard and enables you to enjoy it in maximum comfort.

Awnings – Awnings provide a great way to enjoy your backyard when hot weather and direct sunlight might make it otherwise seem less attractive. An awning can eliminate 98% of harmful sun rays and provides very welcome cool shade. Pets love them too! You can even strategically locate awnings so that they also reduce your energy costs by minimizing the need for air conditioning. A retractable awning lets in more sunshine to help reduce winter heating bills.

Built-in grills – Another very desirable feature when the time comes to sell the home, though you’ll primarily want one for the central feature it creates when entertaining and eating outdoors.

Swimming pools – A pool is a serious commitment financially, but it’s also a great way of investing in your health, rest and recreation. Remember that there are ongoing maintenance costs to think about when carrying out a pool feasibility study.

Landscaping – Professional landscaping enhances your home’s value and maximizes the appearance of your backyard, which becomes a place you want to spend more and more time in as a result.

Pergolas – A pergola makes an outstanding and attractive feature, as well as offering practical benefits by creating an attractive additional living space that affords sufficient shade to make a very warm afternoon more comfortable. Protection from the elements, including rain and direct sunlight, is afforded by the use of retractable covers.

Fountains – A water feature such as a fountain offers a very calming and relaxing focal point. And we could all do with that right now!