This Winter Promises To Be A Great Seller’s Market

If you’re considering selling your home this winter, there’s a strong argument that, in many respects, you couldn’t be choosing a better time!

Consider these key facts

1. With mortgage rates consistently at or near record low levels, buyers won’t be waiting until the spring to see if anything changes. They’re seizing the moment and acting right now. If you’re not listing, you’re missing a fantastic opportunity to sell to them, so why wait?

2. As a direct result of such high demand, inventory of available homes for sale is under extreme pressure. List your home at the moment and you’ll benefit from less competition, more market exposure and very robust pricing, with multiple offers becoming more and more commonplace.

3. The continuing exodus from inner city areas continues and buyers from these areas are treating their next home purchase as a matter of urgency. The Marin County area not only offers more space and perceived safety, but can also be very attractive from a relative pricing viewpoint.

The market data graphs below help to emphasize what a great market we’re seeing right now. They show that November sales in both Sonoma and Marin County were very close to the best peak market monthly figures posted at any time in 2019, which was a very successful year and, of course, at time when the pandemic restrictions didn’t exist. It has been a truly remarkable few months.

Just as we have seen throughout the fall, all the signs are that winter is going to be an unusually hectic time for real estate. Contact us today to take full advantage.